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When they fix this, GR2 and RK2 will finally work as advertised.

Guitar rig 2

Assuming the clicks are in fact gone I've only been playing around with it for 30 minutes or so. Nice try but on the PC it still spits, I like that term, it very much describes the malady. By the way you can even see the spit on RK2 out green led, it will light up when spitting. It will do the same with input, I'm just trying to eliminate other things. Oh well I had my hopes up for a moment, any mac folks had sucess with the new RK2 driver yet? Wonderful, the update to GR2 has fixed my Loop Machine woes.

Thank-you very much NI. Now when I use the pitch pedal component GR2 randomly plays back parts of what i've been playing ages after on as if the loop machine were running in some way.

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The loop machine is not even in my rack?!? Anydraw , Jan 20, Actually, I think the pitch pedal thing is an older bug. It was doing that to me way back in the demo. It still does it occasionally, but I haven't tested if it still does it in the 2. The situation is better with the new driver but I'm afraid there are still crackles and glitches - at least with latency settings useable for live playing. When I set the latency to 20 ms there are hardly any, but needless to say that this kind of latency is a no-go for live playing.

To say it loud and clear: PowerBook and RK2 are not a working setup. I'm on a Mac PowerBook G4 1. Please Nils, tell me that you can improve the drivers to a useable level. In two weeks I was planning to use mentioned set-up for guitar teaching - is there hope? Pady , Jan 20, Radiohead , Jan 20, Work with DAW developers to ensure that they can record automation events regardless of the source. It may be that a Sonar deficiency is masking the problem described earlier in this thread: You can find a lot of ideas for how to use them by checking out the presets in the Modifier bank.

A powerful addition to Guitar Rig 2. It lets you record up to 99 layers of looped audio, which can then be exported — either layer by layer or as a mix — in WAV format. Once you get the hang of how to start and stop Loop Machine's record function at the right time, you can start seriously looping.

You get options such as reversing one of the loop layers, comparing your new loop with a previously recorded one, panning your parts on input , and automatically extending the length of the loop when overdubbing great for soloing over your loop; see Web Clip 4.

If you want, you can change sounds before recording each layer, which opens up a lot more sonic territory. Every once in a while, when using Loop Machine, the audio dropped out for a fraction of a second.

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Although it was distracting, it appeared to have no impact on any layers I was recording. When you activate Guitar Rig 2. I found its effect to be noticeable, especially on high-gain patches. However, engaging High Resolution mode doubles the CPU load, so unless you have a really fast computer, you may find yourself using it only selectively.

Even at its normal resolution, Guitar Rig 2. The more components you drop into your rig, the more it uses. When using Guitar Rig 2.


That way I could still benefit from its sounds without too much stress on my processor. Much about the Rig Kontrol 2 pedal is different from the original. Besides having an entirely new look see Fig. Not only does this USB capability make it much faster to set up than the Rig Kontrol 1, which used an analog control signal and was a bit tedious to get up and running, but it also gives it the capability to act as an audio and MIDI interface.

It's bus powered as well. The Rig Kontrol 2's own expression pedal can be linked to virtually any editable parameter, and it has a toe switch for turning on and off effects like wah. You also get six programmable footswitches for stepping through patches or turning on or off effects or parameters. As with the previous Rig Kontrol pedal, programming is a cinch and is accomplished entirely within the Guitar Rig software. These audio capabilities will be extremely handy if you're planning to use Guitar Rig 2.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2

You'll be able to patch Guitar Rig's output directly into the P. Therefore, in a studio situation, all of your audio will have to come through its analog outputs or be monitored through its headphone jack , rather than through whatever audio interface you normally use. Simply set the Rig Kontrol as your input and your regular interface as your output.

If you're running Mac OS X I tried this approach on Guitar Rig 2. When you use the Rig Kontrol 2 as your audio interface and run Guitar Rig 2. When you run Guitar Rig in standalone mode, you have to adjust the latency slider in the software's preferences. However, on my G5 when using the Rig Kontrol 2's audio interface, once I got the slider below about 6 or 7 ms, I started to hear clicks and other audio artifacts. To be fair, the latency wasn't noticeable at 6 or 7 ms, so it wasn't necessary to go any lower. It wasn't enough to disrupt my playing, but it was clearly there.

Guitar Rig is a complete solution for the modern guitarist - on stage, in the rehearsal space, at home, and in the studio. The software provides authentic emulations of classic and modern amplifiers, cabinets, microphones, and effects, letting guitarists easily create any guitar set-up imaginable. The outstanding sound quality, extensive features, and wide ranging flexibility set Guitar Rig apart.

Guitar Rig 4 is available in various versions for different requirements, including the full-featured "Pro"software version; the "Kontrol" version that bundles a full-featured USB foot controller hardware with integrated audio interface; and the entry-level "Essential" software version that offers most of the features at half of the price. To achieve the best possible audio quality, the guitar must be connected to the computer through an audio interface equipped with a high impedance "Hi-Z" instrument input, or via a DI box or guitar preamp.

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