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The biggest problem that users face when dealing with emails is figuring out an effective way how to separate important emails from marketing spam. Postbox has an email categorization system that feels instantly familiar yet does things just a bit smarter than other email clients. If you spend a lot of time every day writing the same email responses over and over again, you will like the 70 professionally written email templates that come with Postbox for free. Nylas Mail is a free, open source email app for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

When you first open Nylas Mail, you will be greeted with a setup wizard window that will allow you to easily add any of your email accounts. You can choose between a Gmail-like view and an Outlook-like view with a side panel. Regardless of which view you choose, Nylas Mail will surprise you with its excellent email composition panel and enriched contacts.

While most email clients, even those that claim to be innovative and modern, stick with the same layout that has been around since the early days of Microsoft Outlook, Airmail does things differently. The app was designed from the ground up to allow users to process their emails without interruption, regardless of whether they have only a single email account or a dozen. Airmail supports all popular online email services, it features per account notifications, offline email access, custom global shortcuts, cloud storage support, and more.

Are you overwhelmed by the huge number of emails you get every day?

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Then you need an email client that will help you get through them quickly and painlessly. Spark features a smart, unified inbox that collects all your emails and automatically categorizes them for easy processing.

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Spark also supports smart notifications, widgets, integration with other services, and much more. Use it on your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone. Apple Store Link: Spark email client is my favorite email app that let you quickly see what is inside of an email quick preview and you can neglect or delete. Spark is a real time saver when you are dealing with a lot of spam and junk emails mixed with official emails.

The main feature of Spark for Mac, that makes this email app so unique from other email clients is Smart Inbox that arranges all the emails into cards. Spark Email classifies the email into diverse groups , Personal, Newsletters, and Notification. The user can tell Spark app which email is important to make it learn about the important emails.

Spark always keep update features with new Mac hardware and the latest update comes with Touch Bar and Snooze capabilities.

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The email client has quick action gestures that can be customizable whenever needed. Spark is a lightweight and powerful email client allow to schedule emails on Mac.

Top 10 Best Email Clients for Mac Computers

These unique features make this Mac email client as one of the best Mac email apps on Apple store. Boxy is an unofficial client for Inbox by Gmail.

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  5. You can use this email client in full screen as well as split screen mode to get better user experience. The email program comes with an innovative feature. Boxy email application allows the user to start writing an email and continue it afterward on an iOS device.

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    A fascinating Reader mode is also present for the people providing them everything expect from the text. The developers call the Mail Inbox as the unofficial client for Google Inbox. This Mac mail app offers the users a sleek and responsive interface and one for the best email app for Mac for Gmail users. With the Mail Inbox, you can start writing the mail and continue it later on mobile like the feature offered in the Boxy email client.

    The Email App works with any Gmail account and offers a cool experience with amazing features. With Mail Inbox Mac client, you can set snooze to take care the emails later and reminders for the emails to be notified later.

    Best Email Client for Mac

    MailTab Pro is a sleek and attractive email program for Mac, that stay on Mac menu bar. This Mail menu icon is to give you a quick access to your Gmail account just with a click from the Mac menu bar. The audio alerts are customizable alert you about a new email as soon as it comes into inbox. That's a feature that webmail services are gradually catching up with you can now use Gmail to read mail offline , at last , but a dedicated email client offers far more flexibility and better search tools.

    If that sounds good — and we think it does — read on for our pick of the very best free email clients. It's our favorite free email client. The best email client, with support for a huge range of email providers, integrated chat, smart translation, and simple migration. There's an integrated chat app too, with support for common platforms including Jabber and Google Chat, and the search function is far superior to those you'll find in webmail interfaces.

    Unlike most free email clients, eM Client is also packed with advanced options like automatic translation, delayed send and encryption. It's a remarkable set of tools, and for managing two email accounts, it's ideal.

    The Mac Apps You Should Download

    If you have more accounts, it's well worth considering upgrading to eM Client Pro for a one-off fee. This lets you connect an unlimited number of accounts, access VIP support in the unlikely event that you need it , and use the email client commercially. Mailbird Lite is an excellent choice for your work emails, connecting your inboxes, calendar, and instant messaging accounts. Mailbird Lite isn't just an email app — it's a whole communication platform to which you can add apps for scheduling, chatting, file syncing and teamworking.

    Free users miss out on features such as speed reading, email snoozing and quick previews of attachments, but Mailbird Lite is still an excellent choice.