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Choose a virtual machine on the download page here. A big advantage of cloud-based emulators over real devices and local emulators is that you can automate unit tests for your site across different platforms.

Browser emulators

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Scalable Selenium Grid Built For Speed

By Meggin Kearney. By Paul Bakaus. It helped me complete my goal s. Thank you for the feedback.

Emulate and Test Other Browsers

If you have specific ideas on how to improve this page, please create an issue. It had the information I needed. It had accurate information. It was easy to read.

STOP ignoring Safari (Safari vs. Chrome)

Something else. It didn't help me complete my goal s. It was missing information I needed. Maybe an online emulator or something? There used to be an online Safari testing service, but it's gone now.

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But there are lots of services for browser testing, both free and commercial, such as:. I'm not keen on services that just provide a screen shot. Another option, of course, is to pop in to your local Apple store now and then and try the page on a display computer. Thanks Ralph.

Testing a mobile website on Mac OS X

Which of those would you personally recommend? I just tried browsershots and it's OK. Just an above-the-fold screenshot. Their Safari browsers have an error pop-up over the screen too.

Device emulators and simulators

If anything, I would use Adobe's Browserlab. I use a Mac, though, and have virtual machines installed for testing Windows.

Testing a Mobile Website on Mac OS X

I prefer that as a solution, so rarely us the other options. I'm trying Browserlab and I'm having problems clicking on links. Sometimes linked text or images can be clicked and sometimes they aren't clickable depending on the browser and OS. Have you seen this sort of behavior from Browserlab? Could it just be a Browserlab artifact?

Do you mean links in the screenshots that B'lab generates, or in the B'lab interface itself? It's a year or two since I used it, but I don't remember having a problem.